Tips for writing cover letters

I always thought that creating a resume was the hardest thing about applying for a job. They say you should try to fit everything on one page so that the employer can easily see what your past experiences are and if you are qualified for the position. This part of resume writing always freaked me out a little. I mean.. how am I supposed to fit everything I’ve done into one page of text? Little did I know that there is one piece of a resume that can be very helpful with introducing yourself, sharing some of your qualifications and interests and highlighting your strong points. This helpful addition to your resume is called a “cover letter” and it may be just the thing that sets you a part from the rest of the applicants. The Purdue Online Writing Lab describes a cover letter as being your first impression to employers. It not only introduces who you are but emphasizes your qualities and talents and lets employers know just what exactly you are looking for in your job search. According to OWL, cover letters are so important to include when preparing a resume.

  • Cover letters present information in an easy-to-read format for employers to quickly read through and get an idea about who you are and what your skills include.
  • They also allow you to explain in further depth some of your experiences and skills.
  • Cover letters also show your writing skills and how well you communicate in writing.
  • Cover letters show employers that you are actually taking the time to tailor your resumé package for this particular job rather than just handing out the same old resume to everyone you interview with.

4 Responses to “Tips for writing cover letters”

  1. Hello Candice! I agree with you from the beginning regarding resume writing and fitting everything you’ve done on one page. I always have trouble highlighting the most important things because I feel that all my job experiences are relevant. That’s why I think cover letters are so beneficial, like you said, they allow you to further explain some of the skills you find important when applying for a position. I found your tidbit regarding cover letters demonstrating writing skills and communicating in writing very important, I never thought of that before! For future PR practitioners such as ourselves it is very important that we can utilize our writing abilities and express our talents in a written and verbal way. Thanks for the advice!


  2. Jessica Cameron Says:

    Cover letters seem so easy to write when put into tips or ideas, but dang they are so much more difficult than that. I have sat down to write a couple for my internship applications but I feel as if I always wind up sounding mediocre and uninteresting. I wish there was an entire class on just cover letter and resume writing. I feel like sometimes we are just supposed to know how to do certain things like this. Does everyone feel as lost as I do? I sure hope I am not the only one who is this scared!

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