We have the credentials but is our body language backing us up?

Ever wonder what you’re really telling people with your body language? Scott Reeves, in his article, Is Your Body Betraying You in Job Interviews, gives these descriptions of common things people do in interviews that could be costing them the job:

— Arms folded across your chest is often seen as a defensive posture or, at best, as reserved and uninterested in the conversation.

— Standing with your hands in your pockets suggests a lack of confidence or unease.

— Sitting with legs crossed while shaking one leg or wiggling a foot suggests nervousness or severe discomfort.

— Staring blankly at the floor suggests a profound lack of interest in the conversation.

— Rubbing or touching your nose during a response suggests that you’re not being completely honest.

— Rubbing the back of your head or neck suggests you’re bored by the conversation.

— Pointing your feet toward the door or leaning in that direction suggests that you want to end the conversation quickly and flee–perhaps in a panic.

— Slouching in the chair suggests you’re unprepared for the interview, or that, deep in your heart, you know you’re not up to the task.

Reeves says in his article that having a good resume’ and cover letter show the employer that you are qualified for the job. However, your interview shows the employer that you can actually do the job you are applying for. He says it’s so important to present yourself in a way that shows that you are the best candidate for the position. A limp handshake or slouching in your chair could be the reasons why you aren’t hired.  You maybe qualified but your presentation  is what employers are really looking for in an interview.
Mary Dawn Arden
, executive coach and president of Arden Associates in New York, says that your first impression is made in the first 7 seconds of meeting someone. It would be a shame if you were at an interview for your dream job and you blew it because of lousy posture and failure to make eye contact.


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