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1. Comment on Phillip’s Blog – What to Wear to an Interview
March 6, 2010
Hey Phillip! Great job with your blog! Knowing what to wear to an interview is always tough. Remember Mrs. Mallard always talking to us in Advertising about what is “business professional” attire and what isn’t? That was kind of annoying at the time but I guess she had a point! Having teh right kinda clothes can say a lot about a person trying to get a job. I like how you broke your post up into what is best for men and what is best for women. “Always wear a suit. No dresses” I do not like that rule!! haha Good JOb!

2. Comment on Sarah Kemp’s Blog- What comes up when you are googled?
March 6, 2010
Hey Girl! It scares me to think that anyone can just type our names into Google and learn so much about us! But I suppose it goes both ways. Employers can look at us but we can look at them and the company too! I also think that the internet is a blessing and a curse when it comes to finding a job. It can be so helpful to find information about jobs online but then again the way you go about applying and job searchign has changed so much from traditional job searches I just don’t know what to do!! Blog looks great!

3. Comment on Stephanie Medlin’s Blog- Twitterville
March 6, 2010
Stephanie, great presentation about Twitterville. I have to admit that before reading this book I thought that Twitter was the stupidest social media site ever! I didn’t understand teh point in telling the world what I was doing every second of every day. I’m just not that interesting! However, the part in the book that got me thinking was when they first started Twitter and the employees of the company were talking to each other about work stuff on Twitter. I thought that made a lot of sense. It reminded me of the movie The Proposal when everyone in the office talked to one another about their boss (Sandra Bulloch) on their computers. I can see how Twitter could be used for something like that! After reading Twitterville I might just give it a try! Nice presentation!

4. Comment on Eryn Pond’s Blog – Body Language and Non Verbal Communication in a Job Interview
March 9, 2010
After researching this topic for my own blog, I was shocked at just how much nonverbal behavior can really say. Who would have thought that the way your legs are faced could tell an interviewer your attitude about the job? If the pressure of an interview wasn’t enough, now we have to think about what we are saying when we don’t say anything at all!! This is a lot of pressure! I liked your picture of the girl with the different blurbs about body language. I once read a magazien article that said that Nicole Kidman was a very protected and shy person and showed this quality by always standing with her hands crossed in front of her. That same article analyzed Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s relationship status based on their nonverbal behaviors. I hope people aren’t as perceptive to these nonverbals as research suggests. haha

5. Comment on Kati Ann’s Blog – Cover Letter Tips for PR Majors
March 9, 2010
Kati Ann, I really like the way your blog is set up! This particular blog post was very helpful. We are at that point where we need to really start thinking about jobs, resumes and coverletters. As much as I hate to admit it, cover letters are so essential to your resume. It’s like the very first impression you have on an employer. And I have ran into the issue of just not having enough room on my resume to tell the employer all that I want to. I have those little things that don’t exactly fit in anywhere in my actual resume but make a great addition to my cover letter! I remember one of my high school teachers made us write cover letters and I thought he was crazy. Now I realize just how valuable they can be. I liked all the extra sources you provided! Those will definitely come in handy as I try to perfect my resume package and cover letters! Thanks for the tips! Good job!

6. Comment on Kristin Bixby’s Blog : Internships
March 16, 2010
Hey Kristin! I like your blog. I am currently interning and I can honestly say that I am learning so much at my internship. I am also gaining REAL hands on experience that I might not otherwise receive if I didn’t have an internship. Your point about all the stuff we do in our classes not being the same as real hands on experience. It isn’t! Yes we learn the format of things or the basic idea of how to do something but until it is your job to complete a real press release to send to the media, you just don’t know. I had to write and send out my first press release the other day at my internship and I was so scared, I think I checked it like 15 times! Luckily one of the newspapers liked it enough to publish it! I think internships really do help give students more confidence in their work as well. When you actually have to complete a task that affects other people besides you and your grades, you really step up to the plate and get things done. And then feel really great about it in the end!

7. Comment on Meg Tidmore’s Blog: Students helping with Census
March 16, 2010
Hey Meg! I am so glad you blogged about this! I think it’s great that they employed the help of college students to help with the 2010 census. I think more organizations/causes etc. should get college students to help with their causes. I mean.. let’s face it.. there are a bunch of us! One thing I thought about when we were looking up census information for campaigns though was.. how do I use this information? I mean they spend all this time getting all these facts and figures but how do I use those facts to help me and my client? I definitely think I should look more into the census and what exactly I, as well as other potential PR practitioners, use the census information to help them.  Great blog Meg!

8. Comment on Jessica Cameron’s Blog: What to Wear to a PR Job Interview
I really liked this post from you! You had a lot of great information that will be helpful when I go in for job interviews. I am a little scared however that my wardrobe doesn’t include all the things you suggest wearing in your blog. Suits.. I definitely need to invest in. And pantie hose.. who wears those anymore? I can’t believe that’s a rule these days. I also heard on the radio that women shouldn’t wear high heels to an interview. I suppose we should wear flats? I don’t know. I also found it interesting that one of the things suggested in your post was to wear sparse makeup. I am not really sure what sparse makeup entails but I am sure that I need a little bit to look at all decent. There are just so many things to think about when going for a job interview! I will definitely have to review the rules you provide before my next interview. Thanks for the tips!

9. Comment on Kristen Bixby’s Blog: Informational Interview Recap
April 3, 2010
I really liked reading about your interview with a PR professional. I thought the fact that the professional you chose to interview said that Facebook and Twitter is so important to her job was particularly interesting. The professional I chose to interview told me that she wishes she had planned for social media to be so popular because now, she said she is struggling to keep up with the times. I guess we are lucky to have grown up right in the middle of the social media explosion! It sounds like the professional you interviewed has a pretty neat job! I would like to have a similar job in that, I love to Facebook and I think being able to go into work everyday and log into Facebook first thing would be pretty cool! haha. Sounds like you learned a lot through your interview. I am so happy that you are still motivated to work in public relations and I hope everything works out for the best for you!

10. Comment on Marilyn Lintel’s Blog: How to Stand Out as an Intern
April 5, 2010
I thought this was a great topic to blog about. I am currently interning right now, and although I am the only intern at the organization, I still think it is important for me to make my mark. I have trouble sometimes showing the people I work with that I can take on extra tasks and be trusted to get the job done and in a timely fashion. It’s hard when you walk into a situation where people automatically look at you like incapable of doing something great, which is how some internships can be. I think it’s important for interns to remember that regardless of how small the task may be, you are making a difference. It’s also important to remember that the interning experience is for you. You are there to learn so learn all that you can. You are going to mess up, it’s okay because, as so many people say.. “You’re just an intern.” Great blog!

11. Comment on Kristen Kelly’s Blog: The PR Pro: Rachel Miller
April 11, 2010
I liked reading about your experience interviewing a PR professional. I never really thought of a college recruiter as a public relation position.. but it so is! It seems like every day I learn of a new job that I could utilize my PR skills. I thought it was especially cool that she writes a description of people she meets on the back of their business card. That is such a great idea! I have some trouble placing people. I rarely forget a face.. but names and where I met them just leave my brain sometimes. I am definitely going to start using her trick! Thanks for sharing all this great information! Sounds like you had a great interview!

12. Comment on Marie Walker’s Blog: What makes a video a viral video
April 11, 2010
I thought this was a great thing to blog about! Currently I am in PR Campaigns and my group was thinking of launching a viral campaign and using some sort of catching video on YouTube. This blog gave me some great ideas of how to create a video that people might actually pay attention to. I totally get ya when you say that you don’t always pay attention to the videos that pop up. Some of them are just so pointless. I hope that we can create a video that is funny and really catches people’s eyes! I think humor is definitely something that people pay attention. I also liked the LEGS thing. Sexual videos do seem to get people watching. haha. Great blog. I really enjoyed reading these tips for making a good viral video.

13. Comment on Lindsey Townson’s Blog: Internship Advice
April 11, 2010
I really liked reading your advice about being an intern. Wow, I can’t believe you have already had two! Go you! I am currently interning now.. and it can be hard to really get into what you are doing because, lets face it, not all the tasks you are given are exciting. I do agree with you though, soak it all in. I have been exposed to so much stuff that I have learned about in the classroom but it is so different when you actually have to do it yourself. I have truly learned so much valuable information! I also liked that you suggested reading the papers you are filing. So true! The more you learn about the place you are interning, the more you give to them. It’s hard to walk into a new place and be able to offer something valuable when you don’t know anything about the place. Reading those papers you are filing or listening to people as they walk by you can really help you get some insight into the place you are working that you may not get if you don’t keep your eyes pealed and your ears open! Great advice!

14. Comment on Lauren Lee’s Blog: Internship Advice from me to you
April 18, 2010
I definitely agree that finding an internship can be a some what lengthy process. Before I really started looking for an internship, I was pretty picky. I totally thought that I was going to land the dream  internship. Then, this year, I got a wake up call. The “dream internship” isn’t as easy to get as it may seem. Although I may not be interning at a super cool place doing all the stuff I love, I will say that I am learning tons! The things I am learning at my internship will help me so much in the future. I would also tell anyone looking for an  internship or job that it really is who you know. I worked with the person I am interning with last semester while I was in the PR Events class. You never know who will be able to help you out in the future, so make good connections with people and maybe one day, they can help you land that dream internship or job!

15. Comment on Meghan Beytagh’s Blog: Shadow Project
April 19, 2010
Meghan, I really enjoyed your presentation in class about your shadowing experience. I thought it was so cool that you actually got to do stuff for them that they really used! Go You! I am going to be doing my shadowing tomorrow and I am a little nervous. I hope that I get to do fun stuff like you did during your shadowing. I think this is such a great experience for all of us to have. It shows us what real public relations professionals do on a day to day basis. I think we are beginning to see all the opportunities out there for us. As graduation nears we all have the hard task of deciding what exactly we want to do with this very versatile degree! Great blog! I’m glad you had fun!

16. Comment on Marie Walker’s Blog: Toyota is Looking up!
April 19, 2010

Marie, I really enjoyed reading this blog post. Speaking from a proud Toyota-owner’s point of view, I really still love my Toyota even after the recent situation. I agree with you when you say that loyalty is what helped Toyota get over this little bump in the road. I think Toyota set themselves up to handle this sort of issue years ago when they acquired very loyal customers that trust and respect the Toyota brand. Before this situation, Toyota had already established themselves in the eyes of customers as being a reliable and trustworthy car maker. So even though this recent issue was a kind of big deal, because Toyota had already established themselves, I think it wasn’t nearly as big a deal as it could have been. Props to Toyota for getting through this issue quickly and effectively!

17. Comment on Stephanie Medlin’s Blog: Career Services Event Reaction
April 19, 2010
Stephanie, I really enjoyed reading this blog about this Career Services Event you attended! I really wish I would have attended this event. It sounds like you got a lot of great tips on how to have a successful interview! Interviews scare me so much. These tips are definitely things I will remember the next time I interview for a job. I especially enjoyed the tip about being prepared before you leave your house. The story about the woman who was changing her clothes in her car at Enterprise sounds familiar unfortunately. haha I’m not saying that I have changed clothes in my car for an interview, but I have prepped myself before going into the building. When you are running late and still have to put on mascara or something, it’s easy to just do that in your car. I suppose I should take the extra time at home to make sure I am totally ready and prepared.

18. Comment on Marilyn Lintel’s Blog: PR Reality Television Finally
April 19, 2010
I LOVE Kell on Earth! I think this show is a great representation of what a real public relation’s profession is like. This show shows viewers that public relations really isn’t all vacations and parties. Kelly is so serious about what she does and has obviously paid her dues in the PR world to earn her place in the industry. I especially like that the show gives light to all the work Kelly and her office does. A lot of people don’t realize what all goes into planning and executing an event or contacting the media about upcoming events. I think it’s good that people get to see that it is in fact a lot of work and also a 24-hour job. Blackberry phones are a PR professional’s best friend!
P.S. I pay $10 extra just so I can have Bravo!

19. Comment on Jeff Carter’s Blog: Foursquare: A New Way to Track Waldo
April 21, 2010
Wow.. this sounds crazy! Talk about Facebook and Twitter being intrusive.. this takes it to a whole new level! I will admit right here in from of everyone, I am not a Twitter user. I’m sure some of my teachers would just die to know that but I’m just not into updating my status ALL THE TIME. I just don’t see the point. This Foursquare site sounds like even more work than Twitter. I suppose it could be helpful for businesses but really, I think it’s just asking for trouble. just like the situation you explained, I think telling people what you are doing at all times is not only annoying but dangerous. Who knows who’s reading that stuff and what they could or are doing with that information. I just don’t think this site is a very good idea.. just my opinion. Thanks for sharing though Jeff!

20. Comment on Kacie Whigham’s Blog: Untouched
April 21, 2010
Wow.. I had not heard about this at all. I don’t buy the whole “no makeup” thing for a second. I need to go out and get this magazine, but obviously she is wearing makeup on the cover. I wonder if they photo-shopped her pictures or not. That’s something we will never know I guess. I also think about all the people helping celebrities out on the set of photo shoots. I mean, there are people there telling them how to sit, stand, etc. Not to mention there is a ton of lighting that goes into these photos. I realize you have to have good lighting to get a decent shot for a magazine cover but if you’re going to say untouched, let’s see Jessica in bright florescent lights at the grocery store. That would give us all a much more realistic idea of what she REALLY looks like. I definitely think this is a publicity stunt. So is the fact that she went on Oprah and talked about all the press she got for being fat. She admitted on Oprah that she was a size 2 and that she didn’t think that was fat at all. I mean.. I totally agree.. but I just think there are more important things to discuss than Jess’s dress size. Great topic to blog about. I am glad I came across this! Although I say there should be more interesting stuff to talk about than celeb gossip, I still buy the magazines so.. I guess they know how to make money.

21. Comment on Brittany Cook’s Blog: How to Pass you Employer’s “Background Check”
April 21, 2010
Hey Brittany! Congrats on the engagement! I think it’s interesting that one of your tips for passing your employer’s background check talks about opening your Facebook in front of them. Honestly, I don’t think my profile is bad by any means.. but opening it in front of a possible employer.. I don’t know about that. I can’t even imagine being in that position. I have gone through my pictures many times and deleted the “questionable” images. However, there are still those lingering pictures that could be seen as inappropriate by some. What to do? I recently contemplated deleting my Facebook all together. I thought this would be the best way to ensure that no one say me in a light that I didn’t want to be seen in. But then I thought about all the time that I would have to do more productive things if I didn’t have a Facebook and decided to keep it! haha Guess I’ll just have to take another look at the pictures before I try to get a job! Nice tips!

22. Comment on James Kicklighter’s post: Everything I Learned at Georgia Southern: Freshman Year
April 21, 2010
I really in enjoyed reading this post James! I definitely think I have learned so much in college, and I don’t just mean facts and figures.. I mean about people. I can honestly say that although I lived in a crappy,old dorm, I loved it! I met so many cool people in the dorms that I would have never had the opportunity to meet otherwise. The people from Olliff Hall will always have that in common and I love that. I also loved reading about your experience going Greek. I spent my entire freshman year knocking anyone and anything Greek. I did not see the point. I was making tons of friends and swore I didn’t need or want to be a part of a sorority. But like you, I met someone in ADPi that I really connected with and she is what made me change my mind about that subculture called Greeks. I met so many people in ADPi and really discovered a lot about myself as well as about other people. ADPi was also one of the first situations where I saw young adults working for something. It was way different than any high school group. Anyways.. nice post! And I am so thankful that I was able to meet you here at GSU!

23. Comment on Emily Roche’s Blog: PR Connection-PR and Sex Therapy
April 21, 2010
Oh my gosh girl do I have some thoughts on this topic. I agree one hundred percent with Sandra. Sex therapy is completely a cop out and a bad one at that! Basically I think that Jessie was just a man that didn’t appreciate what he had and then realized that he was in too deep. Jessie.. word of advice: Don’t take advice from Tiger Woods. I think both of these men would have been better off and probably seen in a better light by the public if they had just admitted that they were scum bags. The whole sex therapy just sounds like a vacation to me. So they go to a nice spa for a few days where they have no media bugging them about their issues. Grow some “you know whats” and admit that you were WRONG. And for any PR person that thinks that the situation is handled by just sending people off to sex therapy.. news flash.. it’s not!

24. Comment on Damara Simmon’s Blog: NO Smoking!! Colleges Moving to Ban Smoking on Campus
April 21, 2010
I really don’t know how I feel about the non-smoking campuses. I mean, I feel ya on the whole issue at Veazey. Sometimes it does bother me when I’m walking in or out of teh building and have to smell that smoke. However, at the same time, where will they go? I suppose it could help students quit smoking. I mean no one is going to go home to smoke I guess. But what about in the parking lots? There is really no way for this rule to be enforced. I think if college campuses did institute a no-smoking rule campus-wide it would simply be ignored. Who is going to make sure people aren’t smoking? If GSU starts to have smoking officers walking around the campus like those little ticket guys.. I will just die haha.

25. Comment on Meghan Beytagh’s Blog: Dominos Video a Prank
April 21, 2010
I can’t believe those people made that video about Dominos. I think that is so disgusting. But you are right, social media has such a large reach that it is nearly impossible to not hear about the latest scandal. I think this is a good and bad thing. I think it is great that social media can reach so many people and so fast. In a certain situations, like a crisis, this could be a great thing. However, I think social media could be a bad thing sometimes too. If angry customers can just go blog about their issues and make the business feel like they have to pay out to save their own reputation, what is this doing to business? I mean.. let’s face it.. some people are just ridiculous and only out for the money or fame. I can see in the near future, people just Tweeting to get attention and get paid. What if social mediums start to just be the court system in a way? Businesses hear about unruly customers Tweeting about their business, they pay the person to shut up, and the issue is solved just like that. I don’t know if that is such a great scenario for anyone. I actually know someone right now who is getting sued by his former boss for posting something on his Facebook status about their business and how unhappy he was working there. How crazy is that? And what if he actually looses his case.. all because of a Facebook status update.


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