Internship Advice

It’s about that time for all of us PR majors to make sure we have the requirements needed to graduate. One of those requirements just happens to be an internship! I have to admit, this was probably the scariest part of my degree requirements. I was so worried that I would never find an internship. It can be very overwhelming trying to find an internship that will give you the kind of experience you really need. One piece of advice I would give to anyone that needs an internship to graduate is start looking early. No time is better to start looking for somewhere to intern than right now, as soon as possible! I made the mistake of waiting until the very last-minute to begin my intern search. If I had not gotten lucky and known someone, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to intern this semester. Do your research. Go on the internet, ask professors and classmates, even friends and family members can be very helpful during this searching process. The point is, don’t wait around for the perfect internship to fall into your lap. I would also encourage anyone looking for an internship to know what you need to do for your school. Georgia Southern, specifically the Communication Arts Department, has very specific requirements for people who are planning on interning. Look up your school’s requirements as far as hours, approval, contracts, etc. so that you have all your ducks in a row. Failing to do this could definitely prevent you from being able to intern when you want to.

One of my friends and classmates, Katrina Sage, is currently interning at GSU with the PR and Marketing for Georgia Southern Sports. After talking to her, she is completely overwhelmed and stressed to the max! She said that she is getting a lot of experience but she is very busy busy busy! I would recommend, and I think Katrina would agree, to anyone that is thinking of interning and taking classes.. think again. I will say it is definitely do-able but not necessarily ideal. To be able to give 100% to your internship experience, I would suggest dedicating a whole semester or summer solely to your internship. I am interning and taking classes currently as well and it is very difficult to do. Not only is my school work not my very best but neither is the work I could do for my internship. One of my responsibilities is to make an admissions video for the school I am working for. But when ya have to write papers and study for tests in order to graduate, videos sometimes get moved to the back burner. So.. lesson learned.. Don’t spread yourself too thin.

I also talked to one of my high school teachers the other day about internships. Her older son graduated a few years ago from Georgia Tech with a degree in Information Technology. He was not required to do an internship to earn his degree and so he didn’t do one. Now, two years later, he is still looking for a job and finding out just how important an internship can be when looking for a job. He said that having an internship would have definitely set him a part from other candidates at a job interview.

I hope that this advice helps anyone looking to intern sometime soon and didn’t scare you too much. You can definitely get through it and have an enjoyable experience. Just remember to be prepared, know what is required of you and know what you can give.


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