“You’re Just an Intern”

Currently, I am interning at a private school in Savannah with their Director of Marketing and Public Relations. I have found, through my time as an intern, that it can be a hard task to take on, especially while you are still taking classes. I work with a great group of people and under a fabulous supervisor, but I’m here to tell ya.. interning can still be tough. Here are some tips I think will help you during your internship:

1.) Don’t be afraid to ask questions. That is what you are there for. When I first started interning, I was terrified to ask my supervisor anything. I didn’t want to annoy her or seem like I didn’t know what to do. Let’s face it, we have taken all these classes, learned all kinds of things, but learning it in a classroom and actually doing it in a real-life setting are two totally different things. Ask questions.. you will learn lots.

2.) Be excited.. or at least pretend. Show the people you work with that you are excited to be there and appreciative of the opportunity. Sometimes I find myself thinking about how much work it is and how little pay it is (uh huh NONE) and thinking that it’s not a worthwhile experience. But it is; I am learning so much and getting so much experience. Do your work and do it with a smile!

3.) Take on extra tasks. I know.. I know.. This seems nearly impossible, especially when you are taking college courses too. But even asking for just little things to do can make a big difference in the way your co-workers and supervisor thinks about you! At least put the word out there that you are willing to do extra work!

4.) Open your eyes and ears!! Interning gives you the opportunity to learn so much information. Pay attention to what is going on around you. Listen to what people say. And watch how people interact and handle situations in and out of the office. Even if someone isn’t really in your area of work, pay attention to them too. You never know what you can learn!

5.) Enjoy your time as “just the intern.” This is your opportunity to learn a lot and have very little to worry about. Although I value my internship experience and try my very hardest, I also look at it as a stakes free situation. Basically, if I mess up, it’s not like I am going to get fired. Interns make mistakes and it doesn’t cost them the job. People realize and take into account that you are learning. Have fun interning and learn all that you can!


5 Responses to ““You’re Just an Intern””

  1. Hey Candice,
    Thanks for the tips, I’m interning in Savannah over the summer while taking one class at Georgia Southern University. I’ve been really nervous and worried about how I am going to juggle the two. Are you traveling back and forth each day? I know that these tips will defiantly help me out when it comes to doing my best. Many of your tips could easily be referenced for when you get a job within the public relations field as well. I have to tell you that my favorite of your five tips is number 2, “Be excited.. or at least pretend.”

  2. MeghanSpillers Says:

    I enjoyed your post about interning. It can be very intimidating to ask questions at a new job. After all, you don’t want your supervisor to think you are incompetent and have NO idea what you are doing. However, it’s better to ask questions than risk messing up the task you are given. It’s also so important to have a good attitude! I’ve read more than one post about how important your attitude is at your internship. You want to be pleasant to be around even if you are stressed and not having a good day. I also liked your tip about enjoying your time as “just the intern”. It’s comforting to know an internship will allow room for mistakes. That lessens the pressure a little bit!

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  4. Oh how i wish i would have taken an internship! I promise you if i could give any college student any advice, it would be to take an internship because i didn’t and i am kicking myself. I felt like i had been in school so long that i opted not to take one, but your internship seems fun! Like you said, it’s a stakes free situation and i wish i would have taken advantage of the free learning while i could. Interning is still a possibility after graduation, but a lot of times they’re unpaid, and who wants to work for free? Anyway, you gave some really good tips and in case i do decide to do a post-grad internship, i will definitely remember them. Great post by the way!!

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