A New Generation of Parents

As a soon-to-be public relations professionals, it is important for us to recognize the differences in audience members in today’s society. Much of what we do as practitioners is convey messages to the public. That “public” is made up of certain groups of people who we must understand in order for our message to reach and resonate with them. Several years ago, if a public relations campaign wished to target parents, it wouldn’t have focused on technology. However, “times they are a changin” and so are today’s parents!

I recently read an article talking about Generation Xers becoming parents. Kids from the late 80’s and early 90’s are now starting to have children of their own and are somewhat different than what you might have once thought of as a parent. These Gen. X parents are techo-savy and up with the trend of social media. The article discussed how schools are having to change the way they disperse information because of this new wave of web-moms and dads. Parents now-a-days are very concerned with what is going on in their child’s life and during the school. However, instead of waiting around for that parent teacher conference or the PTA meeting at the end of the month, these parents are taking matters in their own hands and seeking out this information online. School webpages, teacher blogs, Facebook even Twitter are all being utilized by today’s schools to get the word out to parents.

Currently, I am interning at a private school in Savannah and I know first hand how important social media has become to the school and to parents. Part of my job at my internship is to post short news articles and pictures on the school website. Teachers are also using blogs to post activities and information for their students. It’s not about the bulletin board anymore..it’s all about the web!

This just goes to show that what we are learning in class is true. There is no such thing as the general public and these audience groups are always changing. As PR professionals, we need to really know who we are trying to target and where they get their information.


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