Launch your career using LinkedIn

Recently I attended the Career Services workshop that focused on the social networking site, LinkedIn. This workshop was very informative and showed me a lot of the advantages that LinkedIn can provide to professionals looking to interact with other people in their field, especially recently graduated college students. Before attending the workshop, I did have a LinkedIn account however, I was not very active in using the site. Through this workshop, I was able to see how LinkedIn can really make a difference in my search for a job. Everyone knows how hard it is to find a job during these hard economic times. Being a part of the LinkedIn community, me and other college graduates can really get ahead of the game. I’ve been told for most of my life that it’s more about WHO you know rather than WHAT you know. This workshop proved this theory to be even more. LinkedIn provides an arena for people to meet other professionals and get their names out there for people to see. LinkedIn is also a great tool to use to get people looking at you and your resume. Sometimes it can be awkward to ask a complete stranger for information concerning a particular job. But on LinkedIn you can comfortably meet and interact with people in your profession and not feel weird about talking to strangers about your career. I also learned that LinkedIn is good to use if you are looking to apply for a job at a certain business or organization. A LinkedIn account can be just the ticket to get your foot in the door and stand out above the rest of the job candidates. If you connect with people that already work at the company, they may see your profile and resume and put in a good word at the next work meeting, or say that they have seen your profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is also a good way to show future employers that you are up with the times. In today’s business world, social media is everything! Showing employers that you are actively involved in social networking sites, like LinkedIn, you are giving employers just one more reason why you would be a better candidate for the job than someone else.

This workshop helped show me that LinkedIn can REALLY make a difference in my job search. Utilizing social networks, such as LinkedIn, I am not only able to meet other public relations professionals, but I am also able to show public relations professionals who I am and what talents I have to offer. I thought this was a great workshop and one that everyone should attend. I was able to get some very valuable information that will help me be more active in the LinkedIn network. After attending this workshop, I am not more motivated to upload my resume and personal information to my LinkedIn account and meet public relations professionals that may be able to help me in my job search!


4 Responses to “Launch your career using LinkedIn”

  1. marielorelei Says:

    I really wish that I had known about this workshop, it might have proven to be helpful for me as it was for you. I too have a LinkedIn account, unfortunately my account is definitely not active. Given there isn’t a lot of new things to add to my online resume, but I definitely feel like it might be helpful to be a little more active where networking is concerned. I agree that LinkedIn will probably prove to be a great new tool for recent graduates of the public relations field. The site is dedicated to the act of networking which is integral to the life of a public relations professional. It’s almost as if they created the site with us in mind. Thank you so much for sharing this experience.

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  3. ashleyprisfunrenfroe Says:

    Man I would give anything to have known about that workshop. I can definitely see the potential in LinkedIn but unfortunately I am just not sure about what to do. my main problem is trying to make connections…i am completely lost on that! I do still need to upload my resume, but I wanted to wait until i got am more professional look to mine. One thing that I do have a question about is whether you would contact a potential employer throught linkedin first or would you send in a resume package first to get their attention? i’m sure both will work so long as you get the attention, but I wonder if one is more preferred, but who knows these days with everything moving towards social media.

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