Learn from my mistake…

I would like to share with all of you my little itty bitty mistake that I recently made at my internship. Actually, it wasn’t a little itty bitty mistake.. it was a BIG one and I have worried and worried about it for weeks now!

I am currently interning at a private school in Savannah. One of my recent tasks was to write up a press release and send it to all the usual Savannah media. So, I did just that. I wrote up a good press release and included some photos of the students and sent it out to all the media that my supervisor suggested. I made sure my email was perfect, no spelling errors or typos. I sized the photos and made sure they looked their very best. I even made sure that the press release layout was absolutely flawless.. header, footer, logo, everything. I was very proud of myself. So I go home that Friday feeling like I was a really great intern. Well, one thing I failed to think about was the fact that I had emailed all the media on my school email rather than my Georgia Southern email. This was fine except that.. I rarely check my school website. THIS IS WHAT YOU SHOULD NOT DO. If your internship sets you up an email account, CHECK IT!!! I probably checked it about five days after the press releases were sent out and when I did, one of the newspapers had emailed me twice about identifying the students in the photos. Because I failed to respond in a timely fashion, our story didn’t get printed and I looked like a dummy and a slacker.

Lesson learned: ALWAYS check your email.


7 Responses to “Learn from my mistake…”

  1. Hey Candice – I think it’s so great that you posted your internship mistake on your blog. We all make mistakes and the best thing we can do is learn from them, and it’s even better if we can share our mistakes with others so that they can learn from them as well. I will be interning this summer and I’m willing to accept any advice that anyone has to give me so thanks for the tip. I have five different email addresses for some reason and I often neglect a few of them. It’s tough to remember to check them all! However, I will definitely try to learn from you and remember to check my email accounts. Thanks for the great advice!

  2. Jessica Cameron Says:

    Aw Candice, everyone makes mistakes. Although it’s disappointing now that your story did not get printed, you now know to check your e-mail frequently. I know you have a Blackberry, you should set up all your e-mail accounts so that your e-mails come straight to your Blackberry inbox. It has made my life so much easier and I never miss out on assignments or anything because I always get the e-mails to remind me. At least this was in your internship and you learned from the mistake instead of losing your job, which is what could possibly happen in some cases.

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  4. Hey Candice,
    I love that you have the guts to post your internship boo-boo! Keep in mind that an internship is there for us to make “rookie” mistakes and as long as we learn from them that’s all that matters. I know that it still sucks that your story wasn’t posted in the newspaper, but I’m sure that it looked fabulous!!! . I have 2 email accounts so understand the hassle of checking them daily. I’m doing my internship over the summer and if they set an email up for me… I will make sure to check every day and think of you when I do. Thanks for the advice!

  5. allykup123 Says:

    Aw do not be so hard on yourself! Everyone makes stupid mistakes and all you can do is learn from them. It sucks when you work so hard on something only to have it fail because of something so minute. At least you will be much more aware of it the next time around! Is it hard having an intership and doing school at the same time? I am doing my internship this fall because it is the only thing I have left after summer classes. I was nervous about trying to take classes and complete an internship especially because I get stressed out so easily!

    • candicehall Says:

      It is kind of hard. I’m taking 14 hours now and interning and I have to admit my plate is completely full. I wouldn’t recommend it only because I personally feel like I can’t devote my full attention to either but I will say that it is totally do-able. Just get ready for a hectic semester. And don’t be a procrastinator like me 🙂

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