Is my voice being heard?

Throughout the duration of my senior seminar class, we talked a lot about ethics and the ethical issues with public relations. The stories we are bombarded with are filled with personal agendas and propaganda. Every time I sit down to watch the news, it’s obvious to me that someone, someone far away from me, decided what I should think about that night.

What I find even scarier than the fact that we can’t go a day without being influenced by media, is that the media can pretty much send out any messages they want to. What are these messages? Well, I think most media seeks shock factor. I think they (they- meaning television reporters, journalists, tabloid writers, new paper columnists, etc.) wish to present the juiciest stories they can find, whether it be true or false.   An audience will always be present and ready with incredible gullibility. It’s as if people automatically believe anything that is in print or spoken on television. Take for example the ridiculous tabloids in the grocery store line. No matter how audacious they are, people continue to buy and read these filthy magazines believing every last word.  Do we as a society have any say in what we believe these days? Or are we programmed to think a certain way?

I just recently finished reading George Orwell’s book 1984 and honestly don’t think Orwell was far off with his story of a society brainwashed by an elite group of people. To a certain extent, I feel our society is headed in that direction. When you watch the news or read a newspaper do you usually hear the opinions of “Nancy from down the street” or “average Joe, the mail man?”  No. You hear from people in higher positions in society.  This thing we Americans believe in called freedom of speech is a crock in my opinion. Yes, you can say what you wish, but can you be heard?


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