Shadow and Learn More

Recently, I shadowed a public relations practitioner for a school assignment. The task was to find a PR professional, spend four hours with them during their work day and learn about what they do at the job. This was an experience that I feel helped me more than any of the research reports I was asked to do or final exams I was assigned to complete. Actually seeing a professional do their job taught me what it really takes to work in the public relations world.

I was fortunate enough to shadow at a very prominent business in Savannah, Georgia called Great Dane Trailers. Great Dance specializes in selling large tracker trailer trucks to companies such as Wal-Mart, Target and many different grocery stores around the country. Great Dane Trailers obviously would not be the first company that comes to mind when someone thinks about public relations, however I found that a great deal of PR goes into the day to day events that take place at Great Dane. The professional that I specifically shadowed under was Brittany Banks, the Special Events Coordinator. Her position is hired under the Marketing Department at Great Dane, however her job is definitely a public relations position.

Brittany showed me how she plans events for Great Dane and markets their brand. I learned so much about what she does at her job and also learned about teh interworkings of a business office and workplace dynamics. I think this was a great experience and one that I will remember and refer back to in the future.


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