Graduation is Almost Here!! What’s Next?

This coming Saturday I will be walking across that stage at the stadium and turning my tassel. As exciting as this day is, what will I do next? So apparently, I don’t know if you have heard or not but jobs are hard to come by. As my college days are over, will I be able to procure that dream job that a college degree is supposed to provide? Recently I have been on the job hunt. It is clear that the idea of job hunting has changed. Longer is it a matter of just finding a job. Today’s hunt includes telling the company you want to work at why they NEED you. A friend told me yesterday that looking for a job is no longer reactive its productive. It’s something you have to do with excitement and persistence. The challenge isn’t with finding the job, it’s with convincing that employer that it is worth their time and money to hire you!

As I continue on my job hunt, I am looking less for that dream job and more for just a place that will hire me. Are my public relations skills that I have paid so much money to attain really going to utilized? I hope so, but for now it looks like I may have to settle fore whatever comes available. Maybe this will be a way for me to attain more skills and get a more well-balanced background rather than just solely PR.


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