Kell on Earth

Public relations has always been a profession that is constantly being portrayed as all fun, no work type of job. Television shows and movies often depict PR practitioners sipping cocktails at lavish parties and jumping to the front of the line at the newest nightclubs. When the famous HBO series, Sex in the City, came out in the nineties, everyone was wishing they had Samantha’s life.

This spring I became a huge fan of Kell on Earth. I think this show does a great job at accurately portraying the public relations profession. It’s not all fun and games in Kelly Catrone’s office. During one particular episode, the people working at People’s Revolution were working on getting ready for a fashion show that was coming up. One girl was making sure the guest list was in order and ready to use at the show for placing people in their seats. Unfortunately, as technology often does, her computer was not working properly and therefore making her guest list and seating chart all messed up. The office was completely crazy trying to figure out a way to have the list but also look professional and like they had everything under control. At the actual fashion show a few of Kelly’s employees worked out front helping guests to their seats and kicking crashers out while Kelly was backstage with the designer making sure the right media was getting interviews with the designer. Because so many crashers came to the event, the people at the check in desk were having trouble getting everyone seated that needed to see the show.

After just being recently fired from their last client because the client was unsatisfied with the way check-in ran at their fashion show a week earlier, Kelly was very eager to make this fashion show a success. One scene from the show shows Kelly’s interns stuffing gift bags for all of the media which was supposed to be an enticement to come to the fashion show. Unfortunately, the interns were not completing the task the way Kelly wanted it to be completed so she had to stuff the gift bags herself. This scene was important because we learn in class that “bribing” the media is not something professionals do but obviously this does happen in the practice. It’s also important to note that because Kelly was fired by her last client, it is not only crucial for her to please this client for financial reasons but for her business’s reputation in the fashion industry.

I love this show and I wish I could work for Kelly!!


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