Waiting to Tell your Story

Sometimes I feel like it is so important to get a story out as fast as I can. We always feel like something has to be said in order to handle a situation. But what about that helpful hint my mom used to tell me all the time. “Think beofre you speak.” As practitioners, it is our job to represent the company we work for and act as a correspondent between the company and their publics. I would agree that most PR practitioners try to focus on the positives about the person or company they are representing. I am currently interning at a school in Savannah and I know from personal experience, that with every piece of literature I create, I have to present the overall “idea” of Savannah Christian Preparatory School. I have to write in a way that people can really get a good sense of who SCPS is and what they stand for. I recently was faced with a situation where a statement needed to be provided to the media about an issue. Because the situation was kind of sticky, and people’s perceptions of SCPS could have been altered by the statement released by the paper, it was important for us to choose our words and timing carefully. We ended up waiting to talk to the media. I don’t think that waiting for the smoke to clear before you release a statement is unethical. I actually think more people should try it. It seems like we get so anxious to hear the latest gossip that we sometimes forget about the legitimacy of the story. I think waiting is a public relations practice that is totally ethical in most situations and is a smart tactic to use.


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